Geomechaniki is the distributor for TORO, Dura Plastics, Brinley, TopGreen, Blazing, Paige, AquaMaster, Hayter,Underhill, Bernhardt, Redexim, Blec, Rigby Taylor, Campbell Bailoy Systems, AS-motor, Agria, Alett mowers and others.







Geomechaniki of Athens is a commercial company. We represent exclusively, handle, trade and support quality products specifically for irrigation ,gardening, landscaping and provide services that assist in:

  •   Preserving and growing turf
  •   The managment of water resources

  •   Protecting the enviroment we live in
  •   Upgrading our quality of life

  •   Promoting sustainability

Geomechaniki of Athens begun on 1984. During 1986 there was a rapid expansion in the development of public and private projects regarding landscaping and by 1989 the company evolved to its present commercial form by becoming the official distributor of TORO. Since then Gomechaniki of Athens has contributed to the development and establisment of automatised irrigation as a common practise,as well as in establishing and supporting privateer contractors.

The company operates following the guidelines of modern marketing and is driven by keeping a close eye on the modern trends and politics. Via this mindset Geomechaniki has created opportunites and paved new roads in the Greek market.

Since 1989 the company has trained over 50 graduates from universities of all specialties,that today contribute their services to landscaping.

Selling our products comes through a web of associates - customers throughout Greece.

Geomechaniki of Athens clients are:

  • Commercial Business

  • Landscaping contractors
  • Construction Companies
  • Public and Private business

  • Tourism enterprises
  • Private Individuals

The company has over 2000 clients 1000 of which are wholesail customers,more than 150 of them are municipalities and public projects all over the country.


Geomechaniki of Athens has recently moved in new facilites, which include exhibition space for irrigation, machinery, an accountings department,a marketing department,a meeting room, a repair shop and storage space.



The company's offices are fully equipped with top-notch computer software and hardware.There exists a sales network and a different network for technical support. Geomechaniki owns 4 vehicles for order delivery,equipment transport and client visiting.

Customer service from our sales department is being practised exemplary, at regural intervals. By organising seminars and meetings at hotels we provide updates for everyone interested on the current state of develpoments,regarding the trade.


Commodities are being delivered in a timely manner and our uniqe aftersales support and on-site service have made us on of the leading names in the Greek market.


The guarantees on our products are unique and we pioneered in our field by introducing the concept of withdrawal. In our field of sales,Geomechaniki has been awarded lots of international distinctions from the companies it represents.