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                                                                                                                                              Geomechaniki of Athens.

The supplier of all the golf courses in Greece.


Navarino Bay Golf Course


The Bay Course is completed.

Measuring 5760 meters from the back tees and has four sets of tee positions.

The 18-hole seaside golf course at Navarino Bay designed by Robert Trent Jones II.

The layout will offer panoramic seaside and mountain view in addition to holes that are along the sea, providing challenging test for golfers of all levels. Irrigation and equipment are all TORO.

Navarino Bay golf course, constructed by A.P.Maragakis - Erga Prasinou S.A. *




   Complete set of equipment



***   ***   ***

Navarino Dunes Golf Course

18-holes golf course, is a part of a major new resort, named Costa Navarino witch is located in the Greek region of Messinia, of south west Peloponese. It is designed by EGD and Bernhard Langer.

The golf is designed to challenge all golfers, measuring from a little more than 5000 meters from the front tees to almos 6200 meters from the back tees whith a Par of 72.Irrigation and equipment are all TORO.



   Complete set of equipment


***   ***   ***


Crete Golf Course

The first golf course in the last 22 years opened by beginning of the year 2003 in the area of Hersonisos in the island of Krete.

Developer is Kritika Golf SA a company specially formed by a group of local hotel owners, president and CEO was Dr. M. Vranas

The design of the 18-hole golf course is of the desert type with great emphasis on the natural growth and the establishment of an enviromentally friendly course. The course is a Par 72 Championship standard and 6.400 yards long.

Four sets of tee position on each hole will make it a challenging course for golfers of all levels. There are two driving ranges and a state of the art Golf Academy with practice putting greens and short game practice area. The site with the differences in elevation, the natural maquis vegetation and the tremendous view is very spectacular and the golf course will be most exciting.Irrigation and equipment are all TORO.



All the course constructed by A.P.Maragakis - Erga Prasinou S.A. except the Rough shaping irrigation and the final shaping. Andreas Maragakis has built the most important landscaping projects in Greece. He is working in close relationship with Geomechaniki of Athens, a company that is dedicated on landscaping business and distributor to the Toro company in Greece. The course is the most important event in Greek tourism and opened a new era by extending the tourist period of the island.


   Complete set of equipment


***   ***   ***

Porto Carras Golf Course

It is a 18-hole, Par 72 course, with four par 5, four par 3 and ten par 4 holes and covers 77 hectars.

The Porto Carras golf course is located on the Chalkidiki peninsula, 75 km south of Thessaloniki in northern Greece.

After its construction since 1972, it was renovated again in 2003 with Toro irrigation systems which are in full service since August 2003 up to now.



***   ***   ***


Corfu Golf Course

The 18-hole, Par 72 course is located in the Ropa valley in the center of the island of Corfu, designed by the golf architect D. Harradine and opened in 1973.

Over the last three years the golf course has undergone a complete renovation.

Specialist contractors were brought in  to install a new TORO irrigation system, which preserves the golf course in excellent condition. Also the purchase of a comprehensive selection of TORO golf course machinery, will ensure the continued improvement of the course.



   Complete set of equipment


***   ***   ***



Dasia Private Golf Course

A 6-hole, golf course with 3 rounds in a private land at Corfu island fitted with a complete line of TORO irrigation and machinery.



   Complete set of equipment



***   ***   ***


Glyfada Golf Course

Glyfada golf course is located in the seaside town of Glyfada, a south suburb of Attica.

The course is an 18 hole, Par 72 course and was designed by Donald Harradine and opened in 1966. Glyfada golf course has continually hosted tournaments since 1979, The Mediterranean games in 1992 and for the past three years the PGA Senior Greek open. The irrigation system is TORO.




***   ***   ***







* A.P. Maragakis - Erga Prasinou S.A. is a Landscape - Irrigation and Golf contracting company, which started at 1987 and by the year of 1990, was already recognized as the top sports field contractor in Greece. Continuously formed its business profile by involving and accomplishing the biggest landscaping and golf projects in Greece.









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