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Γεωμηχανική Αθηνών
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Geomechaniki of Athens.

Supplying all kinds of landscaping projects with TORO products,as landscaping is our main focus. Be it big projects, like the Athens International Airport El. Venizelos or smaller projects like municipal parks Geomechaniki is and will be there.



   Hotel resorts of Grecotel - Ellinikai Aktai AE - Daidalos AE - Elounta AE - Hellios Pallas AE - Katri Rexeka AE - Loutra Kyllinis Ae - Lyttos AE - Xenios DIas AE - Polivotis AE - Roppa AE - San Christopher of Crete - Sosimex AE - Sunqing AE - Faiax AETA - Philoxenia - Chandris AE have all been supplied with TORO materials and are supported by geomechaniki. Most notably the Blue Lagoon VIllages Resort In Kos is a luxury complex which includes 357 rooms in an area of 11.000 acres, 5 km from Kos airport is 100% TORO irrigated and has been supported by us in both design and supply phase.


Athens international El. Venizelos airport (2004)

   The new airport is the entrance to the city of Athens. The project is,to this day, one of the biggest landscaping projects in Europe and probably the biggest in Greece.It covers 6000 acres. The irrigation system is the most extended in Europe(50km of cables), built and controlled from one single point with TORO decoders. 2,5 million plants have already been planted and are being irrigated, as well as more than 400 hectares of grass. Geomechaniki has been involved in the project, providing TORO materials, supporting and offering advice since day 1.






    Hospitals of Larissa, Alexandroupoli, Chania, Serres and Attika are high profile hospitals all over Greece that have been fitted with TORO irrigation Systems.With the exact same materials used in golf courses, each project includes TORO CDS with decoders controlling more than 500 Golf Sprinkler and 100 mid range rotors in a total area of over 400 acres of green.





Football fields and sports facilites

   All around Greece Geomechaniki has supplied over 100 football fields and sports facilites with TORO products.Kaftatzoglio stadiumn  and SEF stadium, two of the most renowned sports facilites in Greece, are among them and also have TORO equipment. Additionally huge facilites like the olympic baseball fields, and the sports center in Karpenisi are using TORO products,via Geomechaniki.





Other projects

Central parks, municipal and botanical gardens, park of the subway station and various public landscaping projects like the botanical garden of Diomedes, Baroutadiko Park in Aigaleo or the N. Elvetia Park in Thessalonika are all TORO and supported by Geomechaniki 24/7.







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